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Introducing URBAN-X 02

Eight companies improving life in cities through technology and design. In session through May 2017.


O2-O2 is working to enable those in polluted megacities from Beijing to London to take back the streets; to commute and exercise without fear of pollution. O2-O2 has a unique mask technology solution which uses clean, filtered air to protect its customer, and in so doing, provide unparalleled comfort, performance and fashion.

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Buildsense.io offers machine learning software that analyzes data from a building’s existing HVAC automation system to determine room occupancy in real-time — with no need to install new sensors. The platform then adjusts ventilation systems to fit the needs of people inside, saving buildings 10-20% on their total energy bill and increasing happiness, health and productivity for occupants.

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Citiesense creates data-driven maps and dashboards that layers information about new permits, recent sales and property changes in urban areas, guiding real estate investors and other local stakeholders to smarter development decisions. Founded in New York, the company aims to help industry professionals better understand market demand and dynamics.

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contextere is an Industrial IoT software company enabling the connected workforce. Its team is developing an intelligent personal agent that delivers actionable insights at the point of service, to make every worker more skilled, reduce human error and save lives. Using human-centric machine learning and intelligent context generation, contextere is transforming the future of work.

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Revmax develops fleet management and routing software for ride-hail vehicles. Their technology maximizes vehicle utilization by proactively forecasting rider demand based on historical data and future events. Revmax ensures that vehicles are in the optimal location to find rides quickly — increasing fleet revenue while reducing pollution and congestion.

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Sencity is reimagining connected urban street furniture, starting with one of our most pressing concerns: waste. Their TetraBIN product is an interactive receptacle that brings delightful surprise and reward to the simple act of trash disposal, leveraging interaction into an effective behavior shift. Providing new outlets for information, entertainment, and experience, Sencity is changing the way we think about responsibility, and imbuing the urban environment with moments of joy.

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Upcycles develops unique human-electric cargo tricycles for moving goods around urban environments, up to and including the last mile. Their growing zero-emissions fleet is used by delivery services across New York. While delivery technology edges towards automation, Upcycles represents a socially responsible, transitional step that is reliable and efficient.

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WearWorks is a New York-based haptics design company using sensory feedback systems to communicate information entirely via touch. Using vibration-based language, their product augments the senses of blind and visually impaired users through a non-visual interface, helping them to easily and effectively navigate the world around them.

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Demo Day for URBAN-X 02 will take place on May 4th, 2017.

Our Alumni


Designed the world’s most intelligent bike helmet, that makes riding a bike in the city safer by increasing environmental awareness and visibility.

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Creating a supercharging network for commercial drones.

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Real-time insights from streets for more responsive cities.

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Modular urban farms that enable anyone to grow great tasting nutritious food.

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Efficient and sustainable landfill alternative to recycle organic waste.

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Location analytics + quantified self = a new kind of geo-intelligence.

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Upgrade your existing intercom to enjoy keyless access and unattended services.

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The lightest and most compact public transportation sharing system.

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Provides municipalities with tools that enable 21st compliance, taxation and procurement.

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