On Thursday, September 28, URBAN-X unveiled the startups reimagining city life selected for our third cohort. We evaluated hundreds of applications from around the globe and we now invite you to meet the teams we’ll be working with.

Community engagement in building better cities is essential to the success of the companies in our program. The conversations between specialists in technology, design, and hardware are the seeds for cohorts’ projects – and the opportunity to share their perspectives in a workshop environment allows them to mold their development with creative input from peers and potential customers. Over the next five months, we will be sharing stories and observations from our new nine companies on this site and across our social media.

Here are the Cohort 03 startups working to improve urban life by making it more connected, more efficient and more livable:

  • Blueprint Power: Turning buildings into power plants for a new transactive energy marketplace
  • Qucit: Building machine learning tools to automate city logistics
  • Roadbotics: Automating road quality assessment to prioritize maintenance
  • Versatile Natures: Providing on-site data to transform construction sites into digital, hyper-productive, manufacturing floors
  • Upshift: Simplifying car access in the city to connect to people and places that matter
  • Lunewave: Developing innovative high-performance radar sensors for autonomous vehicles
  • Swiftera:Providing real-time, ultra high-resolution urban imagery for mobility, planning and leisure

In addition to the seven companies selected for the third cohort, URBAN-X is also working with two resident companies:

  • Good Goods: Redefining the future of retail as a collaborative, space-as-a-service model for brands
  • Hosta Labs: Creating 3D models from regular pictures for design and renovation


Visit to learn more about each company.

Visit HERE to apply for URBAN-X Cohort 04.