The All Electric City.

Cities are at the forefront of the global climate challenge, and decarbonizing buildings has become a leading local priority. Globally, buildings account for roughly half of all carbon emissions — the world’s single largest source of greenhouse gases. That makes electrifying our neighborhoods one of the most promising paths to a low-carbon future.

But building the all-electric city won’t be easy. The public and private sectors must find ways to marry new policy with cutting-edge technology. Utilities will need to navigate increased reliance on the power grid against the reality of extreme weather events. The push for urban electrification must recognize the need for affordability and environmental justice.

Join URBAN-X and Sidewalk Labs as we host a cross-disciplinary panel of sustainability experts for a lively conversation about reaching the all-electric city, moderated by Eric Jaffe, Editorial Director at Sidewalk Labs. Bring your questions — and your voice — to one of today’s most pressing issues!



Donnel Baird – Founder and CEO, BlocPower

Robyn Beavers – Founder and CEO, Blueprint Power

Emily Kildow – Associate Director of Sustainability, Sidewalk Labs


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