Designing Out Waste.

How can players at each link in the food value chain work to design out waste while creating value for their business & stakeholders? What other roles can zero waste advocates play within their own communities or organizations? Where are there still major opportunities?

Circular City Week is a yearly event that aims to transform industries and redesign urban living through different topics and mediums. This panel hosted by URBAN-XThe Grid, Agritecture, and more will explore how startups and existing businesses across the food value chain have evolved to create zero-waste solutions. Speakers will go in depth on what cost, operational, and culture barriers they ran into while attempting to innovate.
This event is now completely virtual and will be broadcasted live at 7:00 PM EST on Facebook and Youtube. Live chat with us during the panel discussion for the chance to have your questions answered during the Q&A session following the event. Please note this event is now CLOSED to the public and guests will not be allowed to view the panel in person.
Amanda Weeks, CEO and co-founder, Ambrosia
Ricky Stephens – Director of Digital Strategy, Agritecture
Thomas McQuillan – Vice President, Strategy, Culture and Sustainability, Baldor Specialty Foods

Allison Shapiro – Executive Director, Closed Loop Partners (Moderator)