Building Hardware in a Digital World: Getting Remote Work Right.

Software startups have been longtime pioneers of remote work models (case in point: Git Lab). But after a year of COVID-19 restrictions and virtual life, employers and employees who went remote for the first time are thinking about how teams can embrace a new type of work environment, one that harmonizes the benefits of both in-person and remote work, in order to foster a more productive, creative, and enjoyable experience.

Join URBAN-X and Newlab for this first panel in the series “Building Hardware in a Digital World” where experts will break down what the future of work can look like in a post-COVID world and the strategies that hardware startups can employ to ensure success in this new environment.



Rema Matevosyan – Co-founder and CEO, Near Space Labs

James Calhoun – Founder, Rehash Studio / Expert-in-Residence, URBAN-X

Shaun Stewart – CEO, Newlab