Welcome to the URBAN-X Virtual Demo Day 08.

Join us on October 15 for first access to six startups from Cohort 08.

Founders from Aquagenuity, Adiona, Climate Robotics, Mobilyze, Resonant Link and Xtelligent will share their solutions to reimagining city life, discuss traction, and respond to questions from a live audience.

Demo Day offers investors the chance to dig deeper into each of these innovative companies building solutions for urban life, and allows the public to gain insights into ideas that will positively impact the future of our cities.



OCTOBER 15, 2020 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EDT

Please RSVP as “Investor” and we’ll follow up with specific instructions for access to the investor portal to make scheduling follow-ups easy.


URBAN-X Cohort 08 companies are working to combat global climate change by sequestering carbon in soil and by accelerating the adoption of EVs. They aim to eliminate congestion, improve logistics and reduce GHGs with smarter traffic light control and by making the routing of delivery vehicles more intelligent. They are developing the future of wireless charging to accelerate electrification of transportation and logistics starting with autonomous robots and cars. And they are providing a new level of transparency for municipal water quality.


Infrastructure & IndustryFood, Waste & Water


Climate Robotics leverages robots and AI to sequester carbon, fight climate change and improve soils. Its autonomous Pyrobots identify degraded or blighted tracts of land in urban and peri-urban areas and then convert the biomass waste on-site efficiently into biochar – a form of charcoal made from agricultural waste – safely and efficiently on those parcels. When applied to degraded soil, biochar boosts nutrient retention, water retention and helps remediate contaminants while permanently sequestering billions of tons of atmospheric carbon. Climate Robotics has the potential to sequester up to 15 million tonnes of CO2 annually, just by using blighted or degraded urban land – equivalent to taking over 3 million cars off the road.


Jason Aramburu
Morgan Williams

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Food, Waste & WaterPublic Health & Safety


Aquagenuity helps individuals, corporations and smart cities track water quality in real time, and monitor water’s impact on health and sustainability. Its app allows users to put in a zip code and get a snapshot of what’s in their water, as well as provides notifications and recommendations for changes in water quality. Using data analytics and proprietary algorithms, Aquagenuity helps users predict and prevent water-related health crises and mitigate revenue losses.


Doll Avant

Twitter @aquagenuity

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Infrastructure & Industry


Xtelligent is an algorithm and artificial intelligence company that brings the latest innovations to roadways. By connecting city intersections to the latest sensor technology, Xtelligent is powering the next step in connected, automated, intersection signal management, and laying the groundwork for the safe integration of multimodal transportation and automated vehicles.


Michael Lim

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Energy & Grid


Resonant Link delivers wireless charging across large distances by leveraging coil technology that conveniently, rapidly, and autonomously transfers power to improve the rate of electrified systems including robots, drones, and electric vehicles throughout the world. It eliminates the most expensive component in conventional wireless chargers by utilizing technology to engineer chargers that are up to 10x more efficient and significantly smaller, lighter, and more cost effective than conventional wireless chargers.


Aaron Stein
Grayson Zulauf
Phyo Aung Kyaw
Charles Sullivan

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Infrastructure & Industry


Adiona is an AI-powered Optimization SaaS (OSaaS) that allows logistics, supply chain, and mobile workforce organizations to reduce costs, time, and environmental impacts while simplifying operations. Adiona's API works with existing software to provide complex automation and optimization functions for any kind of mobile fleet or workforce, typically reducing costs and increasing capacity by at least 15% and up to 50%.


Richard Savoie

Twitter @adionatech

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Transportation & Mobility


Mobilyze provides the analytical framework needed to optimize investments in electric vehicle charging, using a spatial data-analytics platform to predict the likelihood of EV adoption and the utilization of new charging stations at prospective sites. Currently, the platform is used by automakers, electric utilities, oil companies, charging networks, city managers and others in the mobility ecosystem.


David Keith

Website mobilyze.ai

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