Welcome to the URBAN-X Virtual Demo DAY 07.

For the safety of our founders, investors, media partners, and community, URBAN-X Demo Day 07 will be held online.


Running in parallel with the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, an international call to bring attention to our climate crisis and take action, Demo Day 07 will highlight Cohort 07 startups and showcase their solutions for a resilient future.

Connect on April 21 to get first access to our companies through a broadcasted Demo Day with pitches from our founders, followed by an interactive Q&A moderated by URBAN-X’s team Micah Kotch, Liz Sisson, Shaun Abrahamson, and Mark Paris.

Through this site, you will also be able to message our startups directly.

If you are an accredited investor please sign up for reminders as “Investor” and we’ll follow up with specific instructions for virtual company meetings.


Startup Pitches

APRIL 21, 2020
1:00PM EDT

Q & A Session

APRIL 21, 2020
1:40PM EDT


URBAN-X Cohort 07 companies are working to reimagine infrastructure for electric vehicle charging, wastewater systems, drone transportation, and the cold chain that our 21st-century food system relies on. Our companies are taking new approaches to financing building upgrades for those with the greatest need and using machine learning tools to avoid mistakes in construction design. They are commercializing nanotechnology inspired by nature to make the air we breathe cleaner. Join us on April 21st for a deep dive into their visions and progress.


Built Environment & Real EstateInfrastructure & Industry


Today, implementing any design into construction carries risks for all project stakeholders. FIRMUS solution automatically uncovers design issues, such as missing or incorrect information. Such informational gaps often lead to inaccurate pricing estimates, onsite rework, project delays, scheduling conflicts and legal claims. By discovering potential project issues during the pre-construction phase, and helping contractors manage and mitigate design issues during pre-construction, the FIRMUS platform increases the cost predictability of construction projects. With FIRMUS, contractors protect profit margins, win more bids, build client trust, and better collaborate across project stakeholders.


Harel Meshulam
Shir Abecasis

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Energy & GridTransportation & Mobility


ChargeLab builds an open software platform that runs on 4 out of 5 of the world’s most popular electric vehicle chargers. They help property managers and governments deploy EV infrastructure. ChargeLab’s software makes any EV charger smarter, easier to use, and more profitable. They enable key features like billing and energy management, ensuring more EV drivers can charge without disrupting the grid.


Zak Lefevre
Kendra Bolton

Twitter @ChargeLabHQ

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Infrastructure & Industry


There are more than 5 million miles of sewer pipes in the US and Europe alone. Today, experts watch sewer inspection videos and manually report defects - slow, subjective and error-prone. Using deep learning, Pallon (formerly know as Hades) automatically identifies defects in sewer inspection videos and tells engineers when and how to repair the sewers, saving time and money while protecting the environment.


Dominik Boller
Eric Wolf
Christian Koch
Anton Middelhaufe

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Public Health & Safety


Metalmark Innovations is developing nanoarchitectured materials for highly efficient catalytic destruction of air pollutants, making clean air globally accessible and affordable. Air pollution kills eight million people a year. Airborne chemicals, ultra-fine particles, and viruses are among the smallest pollutants and the toughest to remove. Metalmark is tackling these problems by inventing multifunctional materials that can decompose pollutants.


Sissi Liu
Elija Shirman
Tanya Shirman

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Built Environment & Real EstateEnergy & Grid


With proprietary predictive analytics Unety automates financial underwriting, doing in seconds what used to take the $120B retrofit finance market weeks. 90% of commercial properties lack access to the types of capital that make building repairs and upgrades profitable. Unety’s platform empowers building owners and contractors with new capabilities, enabling them to make complex financial decisions and to match with the best capital providers.


Parker White
Justin Pincar

Website www.unety.io
Twitter @unetyio

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Food, Waste & Water


Therma’s mission is to protect our food and our planet. Every day, human error, power outages, and equipment malfunctions cause more than 500 million tons of food to be wasted. Our IoT-based, 24/7 equipment monitoring solution eliminates product loss, improves food safety, and provides data-driven refrigeration management. Therma saves our restaurant and hospitality customers over $15,000 per location each year, protecting both their guests and brands. And in doing so, Therma tackles two of the biggest causes of global warming — food waste and refrigeration downtime.


Manik Suri
Aaron Cohen

Twitter @hellotherma

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Infrastructure & IndustryTransportation & Mobility


EVA builds high throughput drone docking stations. Through its network of vertical stations, up to 24 drones can land, charge and deliver their payload. Use cases include healthcare products being delivered on time to hospitals or infrastructure assessment. EVA is making cities "drone-ready" for a seamless, safe and non-polluting integration of unmanned autonomous aircraft in our urban environment.


Olivier Le Lann
Olivier Journet

Website www.eva.xyz
Twitter @EVA_VTOL

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