Over ​the ​last ​four ​years, ​URBAN-X venture partner Urban ​Us ​has ​met ​with ​hundreds ​of founders ​building ​startups ​to ​solve ​urban ​problems. ​Along ​the way, ​the team has ​found that ​startups ​in ​this ​field ​have ​some ​unique challenges, ​and ​decided ​to ​create ​a ​playbook ​just ​for ​them.

The Urbantech Startup Playbook covers topics that range from business models and fundraising, to understanding the government as a customer, regulation, and the opportunity of creating a product or service with a public benefit. Reimagining city life starts with being able to build a scalable business, and this playbook is an attempt at increasing the founders’ chances of success in doing so.

Urbantech Startup Playbook table of contents:

  1. Better Cities. Large complex challenges and huge opportunity.
  2. Public Benefits. It’s not enough to focus on customers.
  3. Making Money. Too many founders forget this step.
  4. Hardware Business Models. Connected hardware means new business models
  5. Selling to Consumers and Businesses. Most of the time, government will not be your customer.
  6. Selling to Local Governments. Yes, startups and governments can work well together.
  7. Working with Regulators. This comes later. First, show how you make cities better.
  8. Your Extended Team. When you solve a real problem, lots of people want to help.
  9. Corporate Partners. Are not usually encouraged for startups but they can be great allies.
  10. Fundraising. More than money.
  11. Building Trust. With customers, investors and the public.

Photograph by Johan Schwind.

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