The Metropolis is Humanity’s Future

MINI and HAX are proud to announce URBAN-X to support entrepreneurs addressing intelligent cities, urban hyper-growth, and society-scale urban challenges.

Urban populations are growing faster than global populations. The United Nations predicts that while the planet’s population will increase by just over two billion people by 2050, our cities will grow by nearly three billion.

Over the next quarter century, we have the opportunity to define a new operating system for the cities of the future. This is an opportunity for society-scale improvements, and for the cities of the future to redefine what it means to live and work—efficiently, effectively, and happily—within their confines.

At URBAN-X, we believe in a world of abundant, accessible technology that connects and empowers the cities of the future. We believe every city will be a platform upon which the tools of the metropolis will be built. We are engineering City as a Service via hardware and software that provide necessary infrastructure, technologies, products, and services as society urbanizes further.

Let’s think about this together. Let’s think big together. Let’s solve society-scale challenges together. Apply now to URBAN-X and let’s work on this together to maximize the future of the metropolis.