The First Batch

So we’ve been a little quiet on the PR front these past few weeks. But we’ve been very, very busy. As many of you know, our first cohort of nine companies kicked off in mid-March. Our days and nights have been filled with solder, app wireframes, 3d printed prototypes, business model discussions, and visits from fantastic friends and mentors (see our Facebook page for some pics).

Our companies have been working hard, and it’s time we lifted the veil a little bit to let you know who they are and what they’re up to. 

  • Brooklyness has designed the world’s most intelligent bike helmet, and makes riding safer by increasing environmental awareness and visibility
  • Buzzware is creating a supercharging network for commercial drones
  • CTY builds sensors and software that create data insights and analytics from streets
  • Farmshelf creates smart hydroponic farms for urban environments
  • MindRider maps mental experiences as you move in order to identify geographic sweet spots and pain points
  • nello is an upgrade solution for intercom systems that enables keyless access to buildings and connects your home to the service economy
  • Industrial/Organic applies industrial fermentation techniques to process organic waste faster, with lower emissions and odor, than existing landfill alternatives
  • Samocat is the lightest and the most compact public transportation sharing system
  • stae provides municipalities with tools that enable 21st century compliance, taxation and procurement

We’re excited about all of them and it’s been great to work with their founders and help them evolve their businesses and products. We’ve already seen so much progress. With us being roughly halfway through the program, we’re looking forward to even more of this leading up to demo day in June.

And beyond June? URBAN-X is already planning the kickoff of our next cohort in August 2016. Oh, and our next program will run from the new super awesome 23,000 sqft A/D/O facility in Brooklyn. Interested applicants can apply here.