Increasing our Investment to $150,000

Beginning Summer 2019 with Cohort 06, URBAN-X will be increasing our initial investment per company from $100,000 to $150,000. Why? First and foremost, we want to decrease the pressure our companies often have to fundraise versus building their product and nailing their business model during our five-month program. We are confident that $150k is the right amount to ensure our startups don’t sell too much of their company early-on, while providing room for future co-investors who will help guide them through future stages of growth.

The initial $150k investment helps companies arrive at the end of the program in a solid position to raise new money from new investors. To get them there, we’re doing a lot more hands-on work than most investors and accelerators who invest similar amounts at this stage. Our founders get direct access to an experienced URBAN-X partner. These partners have upwards of 15+ years in early-stage investment experience and domain expertise. Founders also receive world-class product development resources through our EIR program, including more than 1,000 hours of staff support in areas like software development, UX/UI, hardware design, engineering, machine learning, branding, and marketing.

With these additional in-kind resources for product development, founders can worry less about fundraising and focus exclusively on building their product and engaging with customers to create solutions that solve real problems. This is nearly impossible to do if founders are focused on fundraising. Historically, 85% of our companies have gone on to raise their next round of capital after they leave the program.

URBAN-X is the program for founders looking to get traction in the complex ecosystem of city customers. With partners in North America, EU, Asia, and the Middle East, our global network of customers, policymakers, investors, and founders is unparalleled. By helping founders build a strong team, great product, traction and a scaleable, repeatable business model, we provide the leverage to help get to Series A. We’ve already helped about 40 companies change their trajectory and improve life in cities, and we’re excited to work with more.

Finally, unlike most accelerators, we don’t have standard deal terms and we invest in fewer than twenty companies per year . The startups we work with aren’t always at the same stage of company building. Our program caters to each company’s individual needs and challenges based on their stage.. What our startups do have in common is a burning desire to re-imagine cities. We’re looking for changemakers. Maybe that’s you? Apply for Cohort 06 by April 1.