Virtual Open House – Session 1.

Are you building a company that is reimagining city life and looking for resources to help with customer traction, product development, and fundraising? Do you have what it takes to scale to 100 cities over the next 5 years?

The URBAN-X team is hosting a Virtual Open House session on February 4, 2020 and March 3, 2020, both starting at 1 PM EST. We’ll go into depth on program design, our ‘Experts-in-Residence’ and global network for growth, and our approach to working with Founders through a successful fundraise. An UBX company alumni will be joining the conversation as well.

Join us for a live Q and A and perspective on:

  • What do we look for in an application?
  • How far along do you need to be to have a good chance at getting into the program?
  • How is the program structured and what you can expect to get out of it?
  • Who are our experts in residence?
  • How are we different from other programs?
  • What you can do in the near term to strengthen your application?
  • Is an accelerator the right choice for you?