August 13, 2020

How can design and branding take a startup to the next level? Why are brand values so important and how can they help us? How can you develop an effective brand vision and strategy? What impact can personas have for a business?

On August 13, URBAN-X Expert-in-Residence Michael Sharp (Visual Design & Brand Development) and Design Director Johan Schwind led a virtual workshop explaining how branding can make or break a startup, as well as provide tips on how to successfully create, optimize, and implement branding to help build and sustain your business.

A session recording can be viewed below.

5 Key

Think Like Your Customers

Putting yourself in the shoes of your customer will allow you to develop a branding and marketing strategy that is guaranteed to appeal to them. Research your audience and come up with client personas to really get into the mindset of whom you are targeting.

Define Your Company Values

Come up with a list of around five values that summarize your approach to business. They can be based on emotions, ideas or statements – and can be publicized or kept between your team. These values will help you refine your vision, and can be translated into visual assets.

Find Your Voice

Communicating your values is important to strike the right chord with your target audience. Whether your style and tone is strictly professional, or more relaxed and approachable, make sure to remember with whom you’re trying to speak.

Hire A Designer

Creating a visual identity yourself can be overwhelming and take up valuable time, so it’s worth investing in a professional designer or agency to do this for you. If you’re on a budget, tap your network or find a recent graduate who will appreciate the chance to expand their portfolio for a lower fee.

Be Consistent

Once your brand guidelines are finalized, stick to them! Share a document that outlines chosen typefaces, colors, logos etc with your team and encourage them to follow it whenever necessary. This consistency will enable people to familiarize themselves with your company, and help to build and grow a reliable customer base.

Michael Sharp - URBAN-X Expert-In-Residence (Brand Development)

Johan Schwind - URBAN-X Design Director