With several big box retailers closing down within the last year, and more and more brands moving the competition online – what is the future of shopping? Stores have traditionally been the nodes of activity weaving together the life and identity of our streets, an integral part of what Jane Jacobs called the ballet of the sidewalk. But it’s becoming harder to justify the costs of a brick-and-mortar presence. Eric Ho and Rosa Ng, founders of Good Goods, have made a move to reverse this tide. Combining a tightly-curated selection of wares with programming exploring the future of retail, urban innovation, and the culture of making – their new store acts as a self-aware member of the manufacturing and logistics ecosystem.

Presented as a space-as-a-service, the store is a new kind of platform that allows brands direct access to their customers as well as the benefits of a carefully maintained retail landscape. At the opening of the Soho shop on October 2, visitors browsed emerging products in fashion, accessories, jewelry, natural skin care, home goods and small batch foods. Each vendor was equipped with NFC cards and QR codes for visitors to connect with detailed product information. With the added bonus that they could actually, you know, pick up the products before they bought them.

Good Goods is open from Monday through Saturday 11am–7pm and Sunday 12–6pm at 121 Prince Street.